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Who We Are



This Unit is the main hub for the administration of all cases referred to the LMDC from the High Court or Magistrate Court of Lagos State, Courts of other competent jurisdictions outside Lagos State, Federal Courts, Private Persons, Corporations, Public Institutions and Dispute Resolution Organizations.The Lagos Multi-Door Courthouse (LMDC) offers Alternative...


ADR Track

The ADR Track Unit is a department in the Lagos Multi-Door Courthouse attached to the High Court Registry to conduct intake screening of all civil cases suitable for ADR and in addition, closely supervise and monitor all cases found suitable for ADR. This innovative achievement was made possible in 2012 when ADR...:


Lagos Settlement Week

The Lagos Settlement Week (LSW) is the first of its kind in the judicial history of Nigeria. The Lagos Settlement Week is ‘a week’ set aside by the Chief Judge of Lagos State in the year when disputants have an opportunity to have their cases mediated at no cost to the parties. The Lagos Settlement Week (LSW) was first organized in 2009...


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'An indispensable brand name providing superior dispute resolution processes and services through Court decongestion, easier access to justice and stakeholder engagement'.


Provide Qualitative Access to Justice through Effective, Timely and User Friendly ADR Channels.


The LMDC Training includes Mediation Skill Training (MST), Mediation Advocacy Training (MAT), Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Conferences, and other conferences.... view

Our Mediators

The LMDC maintains the services of a body of professionals and internationally accredited Mediators... view