The ADR Unit/Professional Group

This Unit is the main hub for the administration of all cases referred to the LMDC from the High Court or Magistrate Court of Lagos State, Courts of other competent jurisdictions outside Lagos State, Federal Courts, Private Persons, Corporations, Public Institutions and Dispute Resolution Organizations.

Automatic Referral

Every civil suit filed in the High Court of Lagos State is screened for ADR amenability and put on the ADR Track if it is found suitable

ADR Techniques Employed by the LMDC

The Lagos Multi-Door Courthouse (LMDC) offers Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) services which includes Mediation, Arbitration, Early Neutral Evaluation (ENE) and a number of hybrid processes. The main focus of the LMDC is to provide qualitative access to justice through effective, timely and user friendly ADR channels. The LMDC handles predominantly civil disputes which includes Contract, Land, Property, Employment, Defamation and Libel, Landlord and Tenant, Matrimonial Causes, Telecoms, Maritime, Aviation, Energy, Banking, Insurance, Probate and Estate matters and other types of disputes.

• Arbitration:

A forum for the participants to present legal arguments and evidence to a third party, who will arrive at a binding decision called an ‘award’.

• Mediation:

An informal and confidential process in which a neutral third party helps disputants reach a mutually acceptable agreement.

• Early Neutral Evaluation:

An impartial assessment of a case’s strength and weaknesses, with the evaluator providing an advisory opinion as to settlement value and merit, which will assist the parties in settlement negotiations

• Hybrid ADR Processes:

These consist of a mix of two or more ADR processes in resolving a single dispute. It could be Med-Arb (Mediation-Arbitration) which describes a process which commences with Mediation and continues as Arbitration if there are some issues left unresolved after Mediation or when the parties need a decision to be made for them.

Overview of the Mediation Process

At the Lagos Multi-Door Courthouse, the Mediation process comprises of five major stages namely, Case Initiation, Intake Screening, Pre-Session, Mediation Session, and Closure stages.

Stage 1 - Case Initiation Stage

A matter may be initiated at the Lagos Multi-Door Courthouse, in either of the following ways:


Any party to a dispute may initiate Mediation, Early Neutral Evaluation or any other ADR service by visiting the LMDC or writing to its Director. Matters from other reputable ADR organizations may be filed at the LMDC for settlement.

Court Referral

The Presiding Judge in a matter already in litigation or in the course of a pre-trial conference may in appropriate circumstances refer parties to the LMDC. Apart from the High Court of Lagos State, matters may be referred to the LMDC from the Federal High Courts or Courts of other competent jurisdictions outside Lagos.

Direct Interventions

The LMDC through the Director may in circumstances where the public interest or the interest of the disputing parties so demand, approach the parties with a view to assisting in the resolution of their dispute.

Automatic Referral

Every civil suit filed in the High Court of Lagos State is screened for ADR amenability and put on the ADR Track if it is found suitable.

Stage 2 -Intake Screening Stage

The LMDC Registrar evaluates the matter for case classification and Intake Screening. This involves a careful study of the Applicant's Statement of Issues to determine its suitability and amenability to ADR, as well as the appropriate "ADR door" for possible resolution.

Where the matter is found suitable, the Applicant is given the LMDC bank details to make payment of Administrative Fees. Upon payment, the Statement of Issues (four copies), the Request and Submission Form is submitted to the Registry and the Registrar prepares a Notice of referral (NOR) to be sent to the Respondent who is required to respond within 7 days of receipt of the NOR. Upon full submission, the Registrar advises both parties on the fees to be paid.

Stage 3 - Pre-Session Stage

The Case Manager may upon the approval of the Registrar convene a Pre-Session/Mediation Session where the parties are informed of the “door” recommended for the possible resolution of the matter, the required process, the expected conduct of the parties and their counsel at the sessions. Parties proceed to mediation after the Neutral has completed the Disclosure Form clarifying his/her relationship with either of the disputing parties.

Where a party, after being served with the notice of the matter involving him/her, refuses to submit within the stipulated time to Mediation, the Case Manager shall notify the ADR Judge who may then order the recalcitrant party to appear before him and afterward make requisite orders and give necessary directives.