For each case treated by our full team of professionals, clients benefit from our range of expertise and knowledge that considers every perspective and strategy. This ensures that client’s needs are fully met.

The LMDC has a distinguished Panel of Neutrals which provides disputants with the expertise of carefully selected, skilled and experienced Mediators, Arbitrators and Case Evaluators. The Neutrals are professionals from different fields of endeavor.

The LMDC criteria for qualification into the LMDC Panel of Neutrals includes ADR training and accreditation, and the Neutrals’ ADR experience and knowledge in a specific subject matter of the dispute. The LMDC currently has 202 (Two Hundred and Two) Neutrals and 33 (Thirty-Three) trainee Neutrals undergoing a mentorship programme. All of the LMDC Programmes are serviced from the same pool of Neutrals.

The training of Neutrals came into sharp focus in 2013 as the second leg of a two-pronged strategy to address our settlement rates. The Mentorship Programme was also introduced to ensure that newly trained mediators or persons with relevant mediation qualifications have the necessary exposure to the process before admission to the Panel of Neutrals.

The LMDC Panel of Neutrals is providing a veritable source of mediators for the ADR Industry. Generally, Neutrals expectations are that they can access a market mediation and earn higher fees from the services they render.