Our Structure

The structure of the LMDC is determined by the Lagos Multi-Door Courthouse Law 2015

Chief Judge of Lagos State

The Hon. Chief Judge of Lagos State has full oversight of the LMDC. The role of the Hon. Chief Judge as defined by Section 9 of the Law is as follows:
It shall be the responsibility of the Chief Judge of Lagos State to:

  • Appoint the members of the Governing Council in accordance with the provisions of section 7 of the Law

  • Appoint the Chairman of the Governing Council

  • Receive regular updates on the activities of the LMDC from the Governing Council, including reports of its financial and overall activities

  • Promote the growth and development of the LMDC including its integration within the Judicial System; and

  • Make other contributions which shall enhance the activities of the LMDC and to further its overriding objectives.

LMDC Governing Council

The functions and mandate of the Governing Council of the LMDC is entrenched in Section 5 of the LMDC Law 2007. The provision empowers the Governing Council to carry out the following responsibilities:

(1) The overall supervision of the LMDC shall vest in the Governing Council (referred to in this law as ‘the Council”) and shall have the functions assigned to it by this law

(2) The Council shall:

  • Consider and approve the annual budget of the LMDC

  • Approve the remuneration and conditions of service of the staff of the LMDC

  • Initiate or validate proposals to restructure and expand the LMDC

  • Foster the relationship between the LMDC and other private or Government establishments

  • Assume responsibility for existing rights, liabilities, claims and agreements entered into with regard to the LMDC, and

  • Do other things as the Council may consider appropriate for the overall development and growth of the LMDC to enhance the effective administration and delivery of justice.

Current Members of the Governing Council of the LMDC

The Governing Council is composed of the following:


Section 15 of the LMDC Law provides for the appointment of ADR Judges by the Chief Judge of Lagos State. The ADR Judges have the triune responsibility of addressing recalcitrant parties; endorsing terms of settlement; and promoting ADR within the Judiciary of Lagos State.

The ADR Judges’ Forum has grown into an “ADR institution” with tremendous potential to affect the trends of ADR growth within the Judiciary and beyond. This phenomenon has created a class of “activist Judges” with a passion for breaking through the barriers of resistance to ensure that ADR is securely entrenched within the Courts. The model has been replicated in every state in which an MDC has been established.

  • Hon. Justice J.E Oyefeso

  • Hon. Justice A.A. Oyebanji

  • Hon. Justice O.A. Opesanwo

  • Hon. Justice F.J. Bankoli-Oki

  • Hon. Justice G. M Onyeabo

  • Hon. Justice O.O. Pedro

  • Hon. Justice S. A. Onigbanjo

  • Hon. Justice K.O. Dawodu

  • Hon. Justice L.A.F. Folami

  • Hon. Justice O.O. Femi Adeniyi

  • Hon. Justice A.M. Lawal


The Governing Council of the LMDC has 3 Committees. The committees were established to provide support for the Council in promoting the growth and development of the LMDC. The Committees are as follows:

a. Finance & General Purposes Committee. (FGPC)

This Committee has provided the much needed interface between the LMDC and the Governing Council on day to day basis for the consideration of financial and operational requests from Management. Approvals granted by the Committee are then presented to the full session of the Council for ratification. The FGPC provides the guidance and support which the LMDC requires to align its accounting and budgetary practices with that of the Lagos State Government.

b. Screening Selection and Strategy Committee (SSSC)

This Committee has been responsible for the formulation and implementation of the LMDC Neutrals Programme, Fee Review, Policy Guidelines and Codes of Ethics, as well as the training & re-training needs of the members of the Panel of Neutrals. It is also responsible for oversight of the implementation of the Strategic Plan of the LMDC in line with the policy objectives of the Governing Council

c. Lagos Settlement Week Committee (LSWC)

This Committee has been responsible for the planning and implementation of the LSW programme of the LMDC since its inception. To underscore the importance of the LSW Committee in the ADR movement, as a tradition the Committee has always been chaired by the Head Judge of the Lagos State Judiciary.